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Do people feel that water is becoming less available?  Do they feel that extreme weather events are becoming more common?  Do they feel prepared for extreme weather? You can find answers from our resilience survey data from across Asia and in Tanzania.

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By understanding the changes in the environment people are experiencing, what their concerns are, their confidence in institutions to respond and their own motivations to take action that will improve their resilience, this data can help you in the design of a wide range of projects.

The Climate Asia data is available here; in 2012, over 30,000 people were surveyed across seven Asian countries (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam) to understand how communications could help them adapt to changes in climate and become more resilient. The survey was replicated in Myanmar in 2016. In addition there is further data from Bangladesh and data from two regions in Tanzania.

Key insights
85% of Bangladeshis said they were worried about environmental issues.
40% of people surveyed in China were taking more than two different actions to respond to changes in climate.
59% of people surveyed in Nepal talked about how crops were failing due to climate change.
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