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How are people using TV, radio, mobile phones and the internet? What sources of information do people trust most? Our media data looks at how people use media for information and whether they trust it.

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What times are best to broadcast output in order to reach older women? How do you most effectively reach people who have lower financial resources?  Who do the people trust in their community as sources of information?

Find the answers to these questions and more here, by looking at the data by country. Also look at the data visualisations which summaries this data.

Key insights
92% of people surveyed in Indonesia said they get information on issues to do with food, water, energy and extreme weather from TV.
96% of Tanzanians report having access to a radio, whereas 89% have access to a mobile phone and 66% to a TV.
85% of Bangladeshis said TV is their main source of information on issues to do with food, water, extreme weather and natural disasters.
72% of people surveyed in Myanmar have access to a mobile phone in their homes; this rises to 80% among 15 to 24-year-olds.
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