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These datasets show people’s attitudes towards their country, how they feel they are adapting to changes in climate and how they use media and information. This has been analysed in this report. Scroll down to access our governance, resilience and media data.

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The datasets include:

Governance: data from 2014 that tracks how people perceive national and local institutions, the extent to which they participate in civic life and how much they feel they can have a say in how the country is run.

Resilience: data from 2014 in two regions (Dodoma and Morogoro) that tracks people’s knowledge, attitudes and response to preparing for extreme weather events and adapting to perceived changes in their environment.

Media: data from 2014 that shows how people use media and information.

Key insights
53% of respondents had made changes to their livelihood or job to cope with the changes in weather and the environment.
96% of those surveyed had access to radio. Access was also high for Mobile phones (89%), higher than TV access (66%). Internet access was extremely low (16%)
59% of people surveyed agreed that local government responds to citizens’ needs.
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