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This nationally representative dataset shows how people feel they are adapting to changes in climate and how they use media and information. Scroll down to access our resilience and media data.

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The dataset includes:

Resilience: data from the 2012 Climate Asia survey (collated from 8,368 people across five states: Gujarat, Uttarkhand, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Mumbai) gives a picture of how Indians lived with changes in climate and what communications could do to help them.

Media: data from the 2012 survey that shows how people access and use media.

Key insights
90% of people surveyed said changes in climate had affected their ability to earn money and stay healthy.
69% of Indians felt that taking action would not make a difference, whilst 46% said that it was not their responsibility to act.
89% of people surveyed said they trusted television as an information source, with 76% saying they trusted print media
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