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This nationally representative dataset shows how people feel they are adapting to changes in climate and how they use media and information. Scroll down to access our resilience and media data.

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The dataset includes:

Resilience: data from the 2012 Climate Asia survey (collated from 5,062 people across three areas of China: Beijing and surrounding areas, Sichuan in the south-west, and Guangdong in the south-east) shows how people were coping with changes in climate and what communications could do to help them.

Media: data from the 2012 survey that shows how people access and use media.

Key insights
89% of people in Guangzhou had experienced an extreme weather event in the last 10 years.
40% of respondents were taking more than two different actions to respond to changes in climate.
98% of people surveyed stated that they had access to a TV.
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