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BBC Media Action runs media and communication projects, which help people cope with crises, improve their health and hold leaders accountable – among much else.

Audiences are at the heart of everything we do.

Our in-country researchers conduct surveys across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to better understand the lives of ordinary people in the developing world.We research how people make decisions, view social issues and think about the power structures around them.

Our research informs the production of our programmes, from their content to whether to run them on the radio, TV or online. Find out more.

BBC Media Action is an independent charity that draws on the BBC’s fundamental values and editorial standards to guide its work; we are not funded by the licence fee.

For more information about our research and how we work, please visit the main BBC Media Action website.

Data has been processed and managed by SwissPeaks Group

Knowing your audience is critical to implementing any development plan or project. This portal provides insights into people by providing open access to one of the most thorough, interview-based data sets in the world. It can help you to understand the motivations, thoughts and beliefs of your audience, and help you increase the impacts of your projects, programmes and development strategies.

Our data, taken from face-to-face audience surveys, gives an understanding of: how people live and adapt to changes in climate, what health issues they face, the processes and decisions that affect how they live within societies and where they turn to for information. The data is organised into three main thematic areas:

This portal is produced by BBC Media Action. For more information about BBC Media Action, please visit our site. More detail on our research and reports based on this data can be found here.

If you have any queries about the data, would like full datasets, or have any other questions, please email us at: BBCMediaActionResearchandData@bbc.co.uk.